What can I offer?

  • A beginners course (A1)
  • A full course based on reading, listening, writing, speaking and grammar (A1-B2)
  • Conversations (A1+ – B2)


  • At home, with coffee, in sweatpants! 
  • Simple, fun-based, informal and speaking-based
  • Tailor-made for your unique needs
  • Online, through Skype or Zoom (PC or laptop is highly recommended)
  • Private sessions or max. 2 persons 
  • Possible supporting languages: English or Polish

Questions? Interested? Let’s get in touch! Please write me here or on social media and ask for possibilities. The available space is limited.

Check also About The Way to More and About me to get more insights into the company, my mission and experience and me… as your language-friend-to-be!